3 Things enemies romance between the couple

Do not have to love the taste without the romance , especially between spouses , but what you do not know that the romantic enemies on you to stay away from them in order to succeed your relationship with distinction. Because every couple prone to fall victim to one of them , we will reveal to you about in the following lines :

- Criticizing the self : one of the characteristics of women, but what is not realize dear that a man who has chosen to be his wife of many women , he sees a beautiful and exciting, the most beautiful guided of God in his life , it is not logical that never Criticizes yourself and talking for shape recipes bad but I spent the romance between you . love yourself permission to grow your love !

- Figure negligence : adores women's elegant man , even if he did not confess this, it is love interest your clothes , and Hairdressing o your hair and the continued interest by nails and high fashion, beware of neglect feminine side in you .

- Busy phone: spoil you your moments of love and romance , when from your spouse may loves put his hand on your shoulder or your hair with his fingers Taking your phone rings Vthraein him , and talking for long hours , you may fall asleep where your husband , can you imagine the repercussions of the scene? !


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