Longest limousine in the world

The newspaper " Daily Mail " British photographer report on "the longest limousine in the world" , which indicated that it could accommodate to Phil at full size . The length of the car , which is a kind of " Mini Cooper " has been put forward in the U.S. state of  Las Vegas to more than 27 feet , after it was added a full 16 feet . Those were converted car minivan Cooper to this length , after paying the owner about 65 thousand pounds sterling ; to turn into one of the most famous limousines in the U.S. state .
They contain the car on TVs and DVD players , and neon lights , glass turns car windows into darkness for those outside the car , walk by six wheels . The owner of the car said , " Kamran Akram " He did not hesitate to turn that car to this length , especially since customers always what they want in those exotic cars to go them to walking , and all walks they want . The maximum speed of the limousine hundred miles per hour, and can bear weight up to more than three tons , ie, it actually expands to an elephant inside. And can that car rental luxury SUV at around 200 pounds per hour, but you must book in advance of your appointment enough so you can get them.


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