Read this book in 2 months or will disappear book characters!

Reading is one of the most important things that enrich and illuminate our lives ( and which urged us by God his book the Koran and Prophet Muhammad Pray God be upon him ) , but unfortunately we we buy but and make it wait us always to read may lie ahead for days or for months or even years may be influencing the interim the only books , but very influential on us , especially on the book, and those that did not read people's books will not do in writing after a period of perhaps may be too short ... , and for this I decided a publishing independent in Argentina to devise a way encourages readers to read books and encourages authors to write books ... Via see what these innovative way ?May have dreamed so much of this idea or the way in which they make it , whether in books or even in your text messages on mobile , and unfortunately always want knowledge , science and reading comes first . And with that we we buy books , but we do not read it to our preoccupation with our business and not to organize our time well . Let 's be honest , there are a lot of us when he has free time spent watching movies and sitcoms right .

For this they decided to Eterna Cadencia and independent publishing houses , and also stores in Argentina that make something different encourages people to read  and also encourages writers to write . They devised " a book that can not be waiting for you ."They developed and create new beautiful way and is ink that will disappear completely within two to four months as soon as you open the cover of the book and touching to the sun and air. ( Idea sounds great does not it ). In this way, wonderful and meaningful may have created a new quality of the books and thanks to which draws a lot of people to bookstores to buy these books are magical and that does not deserve to be placed on the shelves , but are worth more than that ( to read ) and that market ahead of us always to read it :)Video interesting announcement magical book :


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