Tips to keep love in marriage

Relationship begins between two by meeting then admiration fancy the beautiful love , but sometimes extinguished torch love , then end the relationship slowly until it is completely extinguished .

 Here are some tips Madam to keep love in your relationship with your husband : Do not be narcissistic not look for life , you only love is the ultimate post and respect for the other .

Do not be linked to it too much , and remember that he has his own life and his friends who also likes to spend some time with them, so you have to leave your room for your spouse do not even feel that you control it down .

Do not talk too much about the time you spent before know him it or the fun times that passed in his absence , it will provoke the ego because he will back always have a starring role in all the moments of your life. Do not try to hard to variability it will not be exactly as I imagined Fares dreams so give up trying to sculpture as you want because it will break him and break with the relationship between you We all have flaws and true love is to accept those flaws as they are and instead of variability Encourage him because changing for the better on its own without that you can feel how annoyed him . Do not overdo it on the subject of jealousy, Beware can do it is make your spouse tire you for that you do not feel you trust him and appear to hide a lot about you in order to avoid bouts of hysteria that comes when you jealous .


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