Video ..Egyptian students have succeeded in moving things remotely via mind

The experience of moving things remotely using the mind, has been researched by scientists paranormal or metaphysical, before it too much, and concluded that the results in the end that this requires the capacity of a very special in some people called «telekinesis», or «Aletiliknasaz», as we see in some foreign films for some meditators in the Alps.

Taliban Mustafa Ali, Marwan Mahmoud, 17, Nasr School for Boys, Alexandria, Almtahlan finals Intel Science Competition Arab world, the end of October, proved that there is no impossible in science, and that it was not just about the capabilities of a private piercing, where they were able through a research project control of things using the mind through the use of devices «Pew electric», which will help with cerebral as well as ordinary human beings, without any negative effects on the brain, in moving things from a distance.

And their experience said Mustafa Ali, told Al-Masry Al-Youm: «We have succeeded in our practical experience and we were able to shoot video through numerous experiments and studies in psychiatry and nervous system and our many visits to a number of medical schools.

The actual application of Mustafa said: «first be installed device (helmet) on the head, which contains accelerometer, and devised a way to connect the helmet reboot LEGO, so that if been thinking the thing through FREQUENCY certain BB has been installed, the robot do what he Mrtdoa helmet or device thinking about it, and we have succeeded so far by 70% and strive to reach 100% in the next few months.

Marwan Mahmoud said: «We need material and moral support Vmchroana costing many thousands and wait for the completion of the competition to think about the practical marketed to take advantage of it, and most importantly help paralyzed patients, this is a primary goal for us»


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