Video of the scary military robot can run behind you and catching you !!

When I saw this video I remembered science fiction movies that story revolves around robots Snanahm for our service and then went out of our control and fought human beings!!!
Boston Dynamics unveiled this video which shows a robot named Wild Cat WildCat, and it appears this robot that walks on four feet and is designed to help soldiers on the battlefield.

Wild cat comes to complement the series quadruped robots feet as BigDog, which is a four-legged robot moves the believer, and enhancements to the fighting forces on the front lines. This robot has a strange amazing poise systems connected to a computer makes Android conservative on superlative in the rugged places on the ice and snow without falling!!

And we have seen previously in Multi Big Dog .. Robots stunning four feet, and then again was developed to become "A Dog," which we read about earlier on the subject of Alpha - Doug: automatic dog to help soldiers in battle!!

Holds the soldier in an army of armies advanced nearly 70 kilograms of equipment and devices which are divided into weapons, ammunition and armor and visor and night vision devices, cameras and devices sending and receiving devices to locate connected by satellite and laser devices, and batteries may weighing up alone to 10 Cleogramat, add to itthe whole food and water needed by the soldier in battle.
So there is a need for the development of this project, which is developed by Boston Dynamics company commissioned by DARPA DARPA (Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects) of the U.S. Department of Defense.

We seem to be on a date with the future more horrifying than we expected!!


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