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 Since the creation of man and is always looking for a way to learn about the future and despite the word famous in effect that if you knew the unseen to you choose to reality , but the rights and curiosity and anxiety most of the future always leads to that road , there are those who take up the simplest things such as door luck today in the newspapers , and are trying to get out on the unseen Balfrash , and there are those who come in the way of interpretation of dreams as required from the knowledge of a comprehensive for many things, and there are those who enter in spite of all that has been said to the world of witches and charlatans and crystals magic and palmistry and playing cards .

Habits , leaves , tarot

Read the future through a range of securities and is the so - called Western name Cartomancy , is the old way of doing things like this , and in fact is the preferred way for many professionals, and may also be amateur and spiritual psychics and fortune tellers .

 Has never been to determine when play was invented in securities . But in any case it is known that paper was invented in the first place as a superhero to know the future and not to play at all and no one imagined to be playing them . There are official sources say that the securities were used to predict the first by Gypsies, but such confirmation can not be trusted because it stems mostly from the secrecy and mystery that surrounds such these nomads.

 Whether or not we were able able confirm Multi Roma this , there is a general consensus that there is a tribe backpackers roam the world of the Roma are the first came in the form of playing cards to Europe sometime in the fourteenth century. Despite this , there is a belief that Roma of these have come from the east of India via Persia, and said the majority of people they came from Egypt, and that was such a belief by some error of the nature of the Egyptian away from the culture of nomadic . , But the people you love connecting ambiguity in Egypt and Nile atmosphere and mysterious statues and the atmosphere surrounding the ancient Egyptians who always loved the Europeans . In any case , the Gypsies began in horoscope reading pictures on papers called " Otutes , Atouts" and the leaves were famous in ancient Persia . And when I got to Europe leaves happened to her important modulating powerful process in its history and has been renamed name will remain forever .. Tarot papers .

 The box -like securities played papers present but were not 52 paper , it was 78 and the categories were not ( hearts , diamonds , spades, and baton ) as is currently the case , but was ( swords , cups, coins , Soganat ) . Instead of the king and queen , and the boy , the Tarot cards were 22 paper images , including the king and queen , and Rascal and jockey. The earliest theories about the emergence of Tarot and his invention as it appears on the image of the day it was invented in the Renaissance in Europe ( between 14-17 centuries AD ) later in this thought that range Aladrien are known Southern Europe Baltarot , they were forced to abandon beliefs in order to stay away from the church and harassment and to keep their teachings beyond may have recorded on 22 plate which expresses the spiritual growth of human beings.

Each of the paintings was telling a story to the appearance of one of the beginning of spiritual evolution on the way to perfection. Habits , leaves , tarot Tarot , which he described as some specialists as one of the oldest books disguised in the form of a stack of playing cards , it became forever a way to know the future.

And adding a lot of mysterious power system Hebrew numbers , but some people , they said, with the utmost confidence that the philosophy of the ancient Jewish Kabbalah is the engine was the spiritual philosophy of Tarot itself. Some enthusiasts of the new era and movements have to re- explore the and Aalim Kabbalah study and ancient Egyptian rule and that they believe it was the first engine of the cards.

 And despite the fact that there are a lot of theories based on that Tarot cards borrowed from the pages of the legendary Egyptian magic book , " The Book of Thoth Book Of Thoth" and there are some pictures on the cards supports such an idea , but this has never been proven only thing the installer is the theme of community Aladria on the subject , during the period of the Inquisition in the Renaissance, has been recording all their beliefs on the boards like tarot cards , called the large gallery . And studying Kabbalah say that the charm of the 22 fee considered a metaphor fully compatible with ethnic characters and twenty in the Hebrew alphabet . Saying that every character has extraordinary capabilities in itself .. And is one of the Jewish propaganda that some researchers think they fabricated like saying that the Hebrew language is enriched languages, and is denied by researchers with evidence that the Hebrew language by five thousand words are not the most simple and is the number for other languages ??. Features fees in Tarot they express mundane things generally understood everyone , stand in the world among all languages ??and cultures, and fees are really expressive . Vbataqat the 22 authors to a large hallway Major Arcana clinging to all individuals.

Fbtaqat class trumpet express metaphorically the traits and characteristics that combine the characters, to create relationships between good and evil , which are focused in the end, the concept of the norm of the virtues, and shows them that the ancients had expressed the essence of rights through the elements of the system of humanitarian four old ( dirt, water , fire, water). And it means that the Tarot was based on the premise that every human being private . In the real world , man can not live alone, must have a public relations , certain laws in order to bring him find things that you can not do it alone .. Tarot in fact the same idea at the last position .

 Habits , leaves , tarot

Find the future and fortune through the Tarot and its leaves , is as we have said from the oldest Tarot which was used by diviners and sibyls . Each card in the group have interpreted known throughout the ages, and the reader - or fortune-teller - must consist first with the meanings in order to obtain an accurate reading for students reading which is waiting to see what will happen in the future with passion .

 There are many ways to develop and sealing cards to read. There is a known way that the reader asks the student to choose a random card to know his personality and make it easier to read and the result is what will be concentrated around talking afterwards . Is clear that the reader discovers something specific or generic model for the selected card and that you stimulate his abilities or mental capabilities and you raise the level of spiritual ability to connect with students. There is a preferred method among readers others and are that do Petrsas cards on certain forms , such as a circle or a cross , or several rows of cards stacked in multiple formats to give the reader Aladarak be better to know the future of the student.

Of course, to speak the previous words my dull, and is the whole thing academic needs to be good examples of Todhaha and an example of personal cards in the hallway and the great number twelve and twenty- card : Magician Juggler is an image of a person standing pointing in one of his hands to the sky and the other to the ground, and is similar the teachings religion Hermtah - which originated in Europe in the Renaissance as well, and that which is in heaven similar to those under the earth, and it is the contents of the human world in the universe, ocean , sky , land .. And what can we say about rhetorical that the study of the human race only make us understand the nature of all creatures . This card is the number one, and number one is an important figure in everything , it is evidence of the unity of all religions , it is the divine itself.

 And number one is the spirit of nature and spirit of the material , and it is well known , causes , and the synthetic power of the invisible universe . High Priestess card The High Priestess is number two in the cards and is one of the most sacred securities in the whole Tarot . They reflect the human capacity to translate the word , " god " , and is of course the highest perceived by human science . High Priestess express knowledge hidden in below the consciousness of every human being , and is defined by the ancient philosophers of the Arabs that God anthropology everything with the creation of Adam , and this abound word " ticket, and a reminder " . Priestess image and its image gives wisdom that qualify for access to the mysterious fountain of knowledge .

Number two symbolizes the mother and reflect the principles expressed the view that the unit comes through women ( one and one ). Empress is the name of the card number three and is an expression of feminine instinct , where it is known that the woman you resolve problems through the subconscious , where women use their feelings more than her mind in major problems. Number three is the key that opens the door to the intuition and intuition , is the energy that unites positive and negative , between male and female . Search on a physical level the Empress card expresses the perspective of human love and sexual expresses autism between male and female . As long as there Empress card must be the emperor and his number is four and is a card reader warns that the student is not easy access to the downtown area with his conscience .

 Emperor wisdom appears with the fire of life, in the code to the idea that all creatures will return to the nature of life during the fire. Number four shows the primitive material of the universe and is the basic ingredient of all manifestations in the third dimension.


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