Treat the problem of hair loss from the root!

Green Tea

Green tea can to address the problem of hair loss and helps to grow. Boil tea with water and then leave for the unfailing and class on the scalp. Wash your hair after an hour of time, but I have the difference after a week.

Hot oils
Preheat any kind of natural oils (olive oil, coconut ...) but not claimed a boil then stratified on your hair and massage the scalp well. Then, put plastic shower cap and leave for two hours and then wash your hair with water.

Onion juice
 Classless onion juice on your hair and enter it then leave it overnight and wash in the morning. Properties of onions can to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss.

Head massage
Process can massage the head can save you from hair loss, this massage lead to promote blood circulation in the head, making it easier and improves the cell regeneration process.


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