What some might do for the sake of beauty

Health inspectors in Britain on standby to cope with these new types of treatments unregulated exaggeration and the effects of which may be very serious. Among the concerns that preoccupy inspectors new treatment looks resorts to import from China and includes immersion entire body in a tank filled with sea snakes , which is an extension of the pedicures using fish that have sprung up in recent years, therapy uses a number of sea snakes each one of them along the pencil for peeling skin. But problems arose in this process , especially for people who wear swimwear loose.

In one case, the sea snake found its way through the genitals of one of the men arrived at his college , which led him to undergo surgery lasted 3 hours .

Other concerns rapidly growing operations are deployed in the teeth whitening market. Are sold to beauty therapists expensive training courses , but does not warn them that these operations may be performed only by dentists or dental hygienists . However, several saloons sells to whiten teeth is a matter of concern that this process is taking place illegally by unqualified therapists .

Inspectors also show concern about the growing use of hair relaxer products imported and found to contain levels of formaldehyde exceeding the legal limit . Some companies have proceeded to hide the content of formaldehyde in its products via referred to as methylene glycol, formalin or on packages. The use of formaldehyde must be in a well - ventilated places , but many customers do not know that they are undergoing treatment using chemicals relatively serious .

Inspectors stressed concerns about the tattoo parlors and body piercing , Currently, there is no requirement imposed on tattoo painters to undergo training. So inspectors working to make the authorities imposed on every person who wants to work in the field of tattoo or body piercing to undergo training in the fight against infection and inflammation .

What do you think of this strange and dangerous treatments ? You 'll be more cautious now when choosing a new aesthetic treatment ?


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