How to get rid of sagging after weight loss?

It's great to rid yourself of some kilos excess to reach textures Almmhawk and perfect , but the increase and loss Permanent weight may Tzbban in sagging skin and loss of elasticity , and her wrinkled and white lines , where you look , despite Nhafetk older than you already ! How can get rid of the sag ? .

How Tatral skin ?

Before everything must be done in a gradual weight loss . Not recommended doctors weight loss quickly and why you also you lose muscle density as well as fat . And maintaining muscle mass is necessary for the continuation of the process of metabolism and maintain the strength of the flesh and bones , ligaments textile .

There are many factors that help sagging skin as well as the first reason mentioned . Age is , genes and skin elasticity factors contribute to the sagging skin , as well as sagging abdomen after pregnancy . Also, exposure to the sun have its adverse effects on the skin . The dietary factors , they are not getting a healthy balanced diet and drink adequate amounts of water , scarcity of vitamins. Finally, there is smoking, which accelerates the aging of the skin.

Solutions for the skin flabby :

Exercise while dieting food , help the body to build muscle and burn high in fat and calories , in addition to building a thick layer of skin down give the appearance of skin stretched desirable .

It is also important to avoid sudden changes in weight and volatile because it damages the skin and lose their flexibility and infect the white lines . Skin attention given during follow the diet greatly reduces the likelihood of injury Baltrhl after weight loss , so Azba on the use of moisturizing creams and oils that keep the skin moisture and softness .

Take care of work and massage for the skin on a regular basis , it helps to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the skin's elasticity . , And multiply the intake of foods that contain a large percentage of water, such as oranges , cucumbers, apples , they kept moisturizing body and then protect the skin from drying out.

Try as much as possible and eat foods rich in protein collagen , which works to strengthen the skin cells and 'll find in nuts , fish , legumes and dairy products.


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