Things that cause obesity even when dieting

1 . Low consumption of vitamin
Women that complement their diet with vitamins have less appetite than women

who do not include their meals and vitamins , according to researchers from

Laval University in Canada . It is still unknown why exactly , but nutrition

expert Lauren Beretta says : 'It is likely to decrease your body feels is an

essential nutrient , and this will be tempted to ask for more food until he

gets it .'
Solution: add vitamins to the public a list of food

2 . Friends obese
If you have a best friend suffers from the problem of excess weight , the

probability that suffer from obesity will be 57 % , according to researchers

at Harvard University in the United States . This happens because you look to

your friends to determine acceptable behavior - if your girlfriend asked for

another dish or a piece of candy , it is likely that you are you will be asked

to do so too!
Solution: engage your girlfriend in a project to lose weight through diet

suggestion as to - researchers say that weight loss or earned depends a lot on


3 . Confusion calories
If you're taking a bowl of crispy rice since I was a child , has Tsdma to know

that every 28 grams now contains 10 calories more than it was 25 years ago -

which is enough to increase your weight a pound each year. That 's not all -

today , many of the foods that we used in the past dealt with became contain

greater amounts of calories , which means that if you 're taking you on a

regular basis , they are the cause of an increase in gross weight every year .

4 . Tap water
Address the most tap water (PFCs) , and this is good news for the teeth , but

not for the waist . According to Mary Chaumont , author of ' Thyroid Diet :

Manage your metabolism to lose weight ' , fluoride prevents the body from

absorbing iodine, which the body needs for health
Good for the thyroid gland . If the thyroid gland is stagnant , it will be

your metabolism also idle - and you'll gain weight . '
Solution: consult a specialist doctor about the work of the thyroid gland.

5 . Your mobile phone
Bengt discovered Arntz professor at Wayne State University , Michigan , that

the use of a mobile phone before bedtime causes insomnia. He added: ' We

believe that the signals emitted by the phone stimulate the brain , making it

difficult to reach the stage of deep sleep ' . Insomnia in itself is bad news

for the dietitian . Women who slept for five hours or less each night at risk

for weight gain 32 per cent of those who have access to seven hours of rest,

and may be due to the increased weight feeling tired and asked sugar for

energy .
The solution is simply to keep your mobile phone outside the bedroom promised

to use at least one hour before bedtime .

6 . Food and drinks
Some of them look like a miracle slimming , but according to research by Dr.

Ravi Dhingra at Harvard Medical School , have a drink , the only one of the

diet drinks per day will increase the risk of you to be overweight by a

staggering 31 per cent . This has , according to a study published in 2008

Purdue University in West Lafayette , Indiana , that the consumption of

artificial sweeteners , such as saccharin or aspartame, preparing your body to

receive a large amount of calories and when you do not reach that amount ,

your body either ask food Bdjalk you are hungry , or burn fewer calories .
Solution: swap soft drinks , low-calorie alternatives such as water , milk or

herbal Ohay . While avoiding all foods that contain artificial sweeteners .

7 . Stagnation of the liver
The liver is the most important device to burn fat in the body , but if it's

overloaded with toxins such as alcohol or contaminated materials will be very

busy in dealing with this process effectively , and so the fat remains in

place - or even go up. According to Dr. Sandra Cabot , author of the book '

liver cleansing diet ' , 15% of us suffer from the slowdown in the liver ,

which contributes to weight gain.
Solution: Dr Cabot proposes to reduce the stress on the liver , by avoiding

alcohol and saturated fat ,

8 . Portion sizes
Scottish says nutrition expert Fiona Kirk , over the past 30 years has

increased the size of the average dinner from 23 cm to 33 cm , and this means

that the ratio of sizes have risen accordingly. ' Most of us have already

forgotten how the meal looks natural .
Solution: Fiona recommends eating the amount of carbohydrates and protein do

not increase the size of your fist and then fill the rest of the dish with

fruit or vegetables.

9 . Stomach bacteria
No, not those that do not help digestion , but the natural beneficial bacteria

that live in the digestive tract . Peter Turnbach researcher at the University

of Washington School of Medicine in view of the two types of bacteria found in

the intestines : bacteroidetes and firmicutes. He discovered that obese people

have a higher proportion of firmicutes, but when you put them on a diet , the

proportion of firmicutes The proportion bacteroidetes, in line with the loss

of body fat .
Solution: at the moment did not reach the scientists for an effective way to

increase the levels of bacteroidete, but you can work to increase the

prebiotic health foods that feed the bacteria - and this includes leeks ,

onions, garlic and bananas - while avoiding antibiotics , which can kill them

. You can also drink milk daily increasing in containing the probiotic.

10 . Your mind
, Say researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands , that

people who think positively when he began a diet succeed in getting rid of

excess weight faster than others . If you think you're going to do something

that would make you miserable , will try to put a stop to it , and vice versa

Solution : We must focus on why you want to lose weight , and say to yourself,

I can do that . Not yet Oziedkm of hair and some house properly reduces weight

but notes that after leaving the diet is back and weighed more than the former

. Dear reason that the human body is accustomed
Small amounts of food up to him seeks struggled to convert them into fat in

order to benefit in the future , and so the body begins anew Ptkhozn a large

amount of fat instead of burning it


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